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I understand what you’re saying Aimee…but I really do have a problem. My Bradley instructor who was also my DONA trained doula, THREE lactation consultants, and several hospital nurses who were all very kind about it have told me that it does happen and that I’m one of the unlucky ones. Its a condition called hypoplastic tubular breasts, which can range anywhere from very small, tube-shaped breasts with particularly large nipples to somewhat normal looking breasts with very little breast tissue and particularly large nipples. I have the condition closer to the better end of the spectrum. 5% of women in the female population have some degree of hypoplastic tubular breasts, and of that 5%. 40% can produce some milk. A *small* population of those women can produce enough, with the help of a good LC, to feed a baby exclusively. I was not one of those women, as I had a VERY large, very hungry baby who became frustrated at my breast, would not latch on even with the help of a lactation consultant, and so as you know without a baby latching on your supply, especially if its already limited, can become inadequate.

I don’t know if its genetically based or not, but several women on my father’s side of the family have reported similar symptoms. Milk comes in very late, initial engorgement never happens even in a first baby, milk is not plentiful even with unrestricted access to the breast for baby, etc. I don’t think any were officially diagnosed though.

So I guess I was just wondering if anybody knew of a lactation consultant who knows something specific about the condition or other breastfeeding problems, or maybe a book or other resources?

Thanks, God bless,