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I had 3 lactation consultants working with me at the hospital and afterwards. Oh and a home health nurse too. They all said I have this problem, something about the shape of the breasts and the space between them. They were reluctant to say I had a problem at first because they didn’t want it to sort of become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it eventually became clear that my milk supply wasn’t enough. If you can fit a hand between both of your breasts, when they’re not in a bra just naturally there, then you may have the condition. It has something to do with a hormonal disruption during puberty that causes the breasts not to develop properly.

I’m guessing these weren’t la lache league consultants. Truly I think what they told you is a bunch of silliness the size or shape of your boobs have nothing to do with what kind of milk supply or how you can feed your baby. I breastfeed to baby’s successfully and i can honestly stick my hand between my boobs. the percentage of women who actually can’t breastfeed. Like i said before it is way under 5%. I can’t find it right now but I can get a link if needed. Most of the times moms can’t breastfeed due to being educated by someone who basically doesn’t know what they are doing or saying. I’m sorry someone told you that. Next time you have a baby if it is your will to breastfeed I would go to the la lache league. They will help you.