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I should, also, add that I’ve been doing “supplemental schooling” since my kids could talk. Basicly, I have been researching homeschooling for years, saving tons of websites and articles. I have read many books, and know how to do most of it, already.

So, whenever the kids are home for summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter break, we homeschool. Whenever they are home sick, for a 3 or 4 day weekend, or we are on a family trip, or any reason they miss school, we homeschool. I constantly check their papers, make them correct mistakes, study with them, go over homework, quiz them on subjects to make sure they know the material, and push self-learning with them, as well.

Our home is loaded with whole books, parts and pieces of various homeschool programs, learning games, etc. Basicly, I homeschool, casually or unofficially, AND the attend school. DH is aware of this and very proud of what I accomplish. He is just cautious and never wants to “rock the boat”. He simply, at this point, is affraid of the paperwork and legalities. And, he can’t understand that you don’t actually “school at home”, but I can get him past that point by example, as he observes what the kids learn.

I will need to get hold of the standardized tests, to prove to him that they are doing well, but otherwise, I know about HSLD and finding the paperwork, laws, groups, etc.

I just need to help DHs transition by schooling at home with an official curriculm that we like and I can work with, until he gets more confident and sees that no trouble will come from this. I know our kids would excell and do much better. I homeschooled dd7 for preschool for two years and she was ahead of her K class when she finally started school. Her teachers adored her and she was a big help in class.

I teach life skills at home, we are conservative and strict with the kids, and any school seems to make that more work, as there are always kids allowed more popular culture than we’d dream of allowing our kids. Unfortunately, we have family way into popular culture that influence our children, so I deal with it regularly, anyhow.

ANYHOW… The book by Linda Dobson sounds wonderful, as I receive many of their publications and DH is very familiar with Focus on the Family and the Dobsons. This would impress him and he’d be interested. Any other book suggestions that aren’t conspiracy theories?! He doesn’t go for the “Dumbing us Down” books, no matter how convincing or true I feel they are, and he understands them to be, they still don’t impress him to homeschool.

Anyhow, still looking for some good curriculum or online schooling that would ease the transition! Thanks!

God Bless!