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Both my sisters had their tubes tied after having kids. I know for a fact our 2 local parish priests didn’t scorn them or tell them its a no go. I really can’t see this as being wrong at all, especially if you have good reasons including your health. Like a priest said to me once “It’s not the 1930’s anymore”

Hugs hun!

I’m sorry, this is completely against Church teaching and doctrine. It is wrong because you are subverting God’s will. I agree with Heather…West’s “Good News” book is a terrific resource! After reading it, I totally understood why the Church holds the position it does. I also recommend listening to his CDs on the Theology of the Body, which are based on JPII’s encyclicals.

The marital act is something beautiful and sacred, and part of the reason is because it is supposed to show your openness to new life.

I pray for you and your husband ((HUGS))