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I was about to post the same reply as Josie.

The March of Dimes certainly sends out a very loud and clear message: we can rid the world of defects by simply eliminating the “defective” population.

It’s so disappointing to find out a group/company/organization that we supported or used supports abortion. 😥 Our family has had to make several (relatively small) lifestyle changes because of that same problem.

Sometimes it’s even hard to find something comparable that doesn’t support abortion, but I’d reccomend doing some internet searches so you can support another charity of the same kind in the same way you love so much. It’ll be a huge message to your children when you stop doing the thing you love because of their promotion of abortion.

It’s been a profound statement to my children, who now stand up for similar problems on their own. When American Girl started promoting a group that encourages young girls in “choices” such as abortion and lesbianism, my 10-year-old daughter decided not to buy from AG with her Christmas money that year and wrote them a letter. 😀 (AG stopped this promotion btw.)

I pray that you find this as a great opportunity for your family to stand firmly as a witness to what’s good and right. Otherwise, it can get really disheartening!

God bless,