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Thanks! Feeling sane again, now. Yes, my boy’s favorite is science, too! Thanks for the ideas! We’re big Saturday Science project junkies! I think we’ve survived getting “up and running” again. LOL It is always refreshing to know that other homeschool moms and kids made it through all right 😆

My eldest had a test today at enrichment (a school program run a couple of days a week so that kids get a feel for what regular school is like/get to be in class with peers/take standardized tests/field trips). I was surprised, they didn’t mention that they would be taking anything. Nevertheless, his reading skills tested above average. *Whew*

He scared me when he got in the car. He said he had been singled out because he made a mistake on the test. LOL So, I called the enrichment instructor and she said that she actually didn’t test him the same way as the others/separately because he was ahead of them–not because he did anything wrong. He only took the portion of the test she felt he needed testing on and didn’t bother w/ the other because it was obviously too basic for him at this point.

Again, *Whew*

I guess, maybe, somehow, we’re doing something right around here 😆

BIG, HUGE sigh of relief!

I think it is great that you plan to homeschool. A second generation homeschool mom–how wonderful! I bet your mom is proud! I know I would be! I hope my boys find wives that will home-educate. It is such a rewarding (if frustrating :roll: at times ) experience for parents AND kids.

Now, I’m nervous about the new baby this summer and keeping everyone on track while transitioning our (current) youngest to preschool material LOL….always something…isn’t there?