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Your posting made me laugh 😆
I am not a homeschool mom, but I hope to be in about 5 years. My Mom homeschooled all 5 of us kids and I know she felt the same way as you do right now. She is trying to finish up my brothers grade 12 this year and then she is done.
Remember to breath, mom did all the time. When we got obstanant(SP?) she would say calmly, “OK, lets take a break and do some mapskills.” that was always our fav.
Getting started after Christmas, Easter, or just any holiday was always hecktic. We were so use to just doing nothing and playing all the time we figured that if we just for got everything Mom wouldn’t make us do it. WE WERE WRONG!!!!! we still had to do it and she would tell us in the morning after prayers, “Well Emma, according to your lesson plan you are 5 days behind now. All that work has to be done before summer holidays.”
If your son is in grade one remember that at this stage of his life he is learning about the whole world around him. His brain is developing a lot right now and all that you worked on before Christmas will all come back to him. I know that some times when my younger brother would have a hard time to get started again, Mom made sure we stuck to a schedual. And she also sarted out with lots of science. My brother loves science.
Example experiments…
Where does mold grow best?
Put 3 cups of coffee areound the house in different locations. Leave them for a week, checking them evert day. record your findings.
Lego towers
How many lego blocks can you stack up before they fall over (use all the different sizes) record findings
Make different modles of bridges out of popsicle sticks. see which design can hold the most weight
straw arm
Tape a drinking straw to a desk top or table. How many straws can you attatch before they touch the floor
Human body
on a roll of newsprint trace your childs body. Have him colour it with crayons if you live. have him tell you where his dofferent bones and muscles are (ie funny bone and calf muscle)

these are just a few if you like them and are interested in more fun science ideas let me know and I’ll talk to Mom.
Ring Ring there the phone……
Mom just called and she said that she used to tell us that “by the sweat(SP?) of your brow you will eat.” I think it is a quot from St. Paul???? correct me if I am wrong. We never starved and our work got done. She says she can relate to feeling like a sargent major, but to stick to your guns.

All the best and read a good book or watch your fav. movie tonight when the house is quite. 😀