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We don’t have any nicknames for our baby yet as he/she is not yet born. However, my Papa (grandfather) had a few nicknames for me an my sisters. My older sister was scooter-bug-McDuck. I don’t know where the McDuck came from but scooter-bug was because she scooted instead of crawling for a long time. I was Emma-nemma-peanut and slowly mergde into mnm-a-peanut, thus my nickname on this site. I’m not sure how it came about as it was given before I ate real food, though now I am very fond of both m&m’s and peanuts! my younger sisters were Dinamo and Dinamiter I think Papa must have been working in a blasting site at the time she came along. The youngest sister was Rosie-Posie though that may have been us older girls who were just learning nursery rhymes. And my brother was Mister, or Buddy, I know that was us girls, and it was because he was the only boy.
those are my families nicknames I would love to hear more.
a.k.a. mnmapeanut