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Just an idea…
If you are worried, I might try to give her options to choose from thus encourageing her to talk. “Would you like to have milk or juice to drink?” Keep the two option hidden to keep her from just pointing. “would you like to go to the park or to Grandma’s today?” If she askes for something by pointing you can encourage to use words by saying, “Use you please Sophia.” or “it helps Mommy understand you better when you use your words.” You can even ask her at bed time, “What did you enjoy most about today?” Tell her whay you liked about the day.
I worked in a preschool for a while and we used this idea with some of the children who were very quiet. At frist it may feel strange and even sound weird, but it will start to feel more normal after a short while.
Remeber God loves you and your daughter and he will never give anyone a cross to big for them to carry. trust Him.
God bless, and and I hope all goes well,