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I am new too. I am a new mom (well 17months) of our dearest and first born son Robert.

He was a miracle. Initially we were told by doctors, both of us, that we would not be able to have babies because of med issues. Well that was 7 years ago and well a lot of prayer and nothing of the world, all God, proved those doctors wrong. 😀

He is a delight. Into everything. All boy. hehhee.

I am so glad that I found this site. I am staying home now after working at a youth detention center here in iowa and I am not missing it one bit. God, I know will provide all that we need for this little family. Hubby works and is a little scared of only one income but as a prayer intercessor I know that miracles happen. Did I tell you about ours. Yep, I did!

Thank you for this site,
Diane, Larry, Robert Thacker, iowa