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We have a MOMS group, part of the Elizabeth Ministry, and it is wonderful!!!

We also have Hospitality Sundays, where after each morning Mass, a ministry serves coffee and donuts and parishioners can sit around and chat with each other.

Someone mentioned Protestants as really knowing how to promote fellowship… well, at our Parish, our Spanish ministry is king of it! So much so that it’s starting to cause a little bit of a problem, as they are slowly beginning to act like their own parish and never take part in general parish activities, and hold their own parallel ones. But while the Spanish community here makes up just 10% of our registered parishioners, out of that 10%, at least 90-95% are active at church. MEanwhile, out of the 90% of non-Spanish parishioners we have, probably only half or less are active :( If you have an active parish base, your attempts at creating more fellowship will probably be more successful. If your parish doesn’t have very many active members, perhaps some basic spirituality classes would be good. Like we have spiritual classes that teach the different prayers (Lectio Divina, Ignatius Prayer, etc.) and also some that talk about the different lay organizations within the Church. Maybe your parish can try that to spark people’s interest. Or even classes explaining Church doctrine. Sooooooo many Catholics have not a clue why things are they way they are, why the Church teaches certain things, etc. Maybe having a few workshops explaining things would also help spark some interest and involvement; if they understand the “why”s, they are more likely to become more interested and active.

Good Luck!!!!