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HI ,
My Mom felt the same way about our chruch when we moved from NS, Canada to BC, Canada. She felt that there were so many young families that didn’t know eachother except for on Sundays that she should do something about it and started a “Play Group” on Thursday Mornings after the AM Mass. This really brought the families together and us older kids who were at school wished we could go too.
She set it up in the gym hall of the church and addvertised in the bullitin. Everyone brought some toys with them…ride ons, stuffies, blankets for forts , mats…ect. It was open to any Mom with young children ages new born to kindergarden. They had free play time and circle time where thay would sing songs and play some games and read stories. There was a table with tea and coffee and juice and sometimes people would bring treats. Friends were invited catholic or not. It is still going all these years later, but others have taken over as my brother who was just a baby when Mom started it will trun 18 this year. It was a great way to build community and it also encouraged young Mom’s to get to at least one weekday Mass. And that can never hurt.
This is just what I know, but it’s an idea and I hope it helps.
All the best in Jesus Christ, +
Emma 😀