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Hi Lost!

We are also going through reconfiguration. It has really been splitting our community apart. Everyone battling to have their Parishes be the ones that stay open! 😥 I pray that our Church leaders are being guided by the Holy Spirit in all this. It surely doesn’t seem to be doing much for Catholic unity in our community.

Our Parish has started after Mass socials (coffee and danish…the kids run around while adults visit.) Seems to be well-attended and fun. I know there were some Moms on this board a while back looking to start a Moms club at their Catholic Church.

BTW….LOVE New Hampshire! (East Coaster here, too – albeit Upstate NY.)
A friend of ours is a Franciscan assigned to a NH Parish – he married us as a matter of fact. Also, the most vibrant Mass I’ve ever attended was at a church made out of cobble stones somewhere in NH (we were travelling and happened to stop for Mass there. Think the church was St. Joseph’s? 😕 I’ve been told the NH has its share of young, charismatic priests (our friend and the priest at the other NH church both fall into this category.)

Good luck & God bless!