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I guess I’m of a different mind here. I think there is a good use for the placenta.

If you are hemmoraging after your birth you can put a dime sized sliver under your tongue and the hormones in it will stop the bleeding without having to pump a bunch of drugs into you.

If you are having post partum depression you can eat some and the hormones in it will alleviate that.

I don’t think it’s necessary to eat the entire thing for no reason in fact you’re only supposed to use the maternal side for the reasons described above. However, it is an amazing organ.

Mine is frozen in my freezer and if I had needed to use it I would have. As it is I am going to find a tree that reminds me of my son to plant over it in my yard. (that’s another great thing about it, it is an amazing fertilizer:) )

ps. I’m guessing you were on the mothering boards:P