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Thanks! I feel sane now! 😆

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the comments about not offending the placenta eaters by voicing personal disgust over the practice. Some people make soups, some casseroles, some have it made in to a hygenic pill form, some go for it raw…. 🙄 EW! Why do I have to accept that, again???

I really don’t like being pc all the time. I wouldn’t go out of my way to be mean, but, if someone asks “Hey, do you think this is gross?” I will give an honest answer. But, you can’t be honest about things anymore–even when asked. We have to be warm, supportive and accepting of just about everything. The whole thing was over at Babycenter. I was also really shocked on the circumcision question when one lady referenced all the guys she had, well, you know, and how she felt about doing that, in graphic terms, to certain guys with certain parts. GROSS! It just screamed “I’m a skank and proud of it! Weeee!” Gross, gross, gross…that is the LAST thing I want to know about ANYONE in person OR online.

Sometimes I feel so completely out of touch with “modern” femininity. Most of my in-person friends, etc, are fairly conservative (actually most are Mormon, given where we live LOL…but thankfully they never bother me over things), but, sometimes I run across “ladies” who could make a old-time sailor blush and run for cover. If I had a daughter acting that way (I don’t care what age), I’m afraid I’d be compelled to grab a bar of Dail, stick, and leave it in her mouth for a good looooooong time.

I mean, I’m no saint…and sometimes I get a laugh at some off-colour humor myself…but there are some things that are just SO above and beyond common decency. I wonder “why on EARTH would anyone want to air this garbage in public?”

Thanks, again, like I said, I feel sane now. Those big, public forums are just too high on the weirdness scale for me. I just don’t think “keep an open mind” is always the best thing…nor is it bad to have your own opinion.

Besides, I always thought, if you left your mind too open it might just fall out anyway 😯 😆