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Dear God, anewlight07 are you for real??

Trading recipes? Has this world gone totally bananas? Seems this way to me. A lot of the “new age” stuff is totally weird koo-koo to me too. Sometimes I think about it, and go, “what do these people think???” Or, “do they even think???”

The forum you probably stumbled upon this into is not a Catholic forum, but just a gerenal one. I belonged to one too and got kicked out by the moderator for being pro-life, being against euthanasia, and not supporting gay relationships. Everyone else was pro all of the above, so I was the black sheep, the odd one out, and therefore my membership was suspended. Go figure.

Anyway, placenta is indeed not food. What’s next? It’s gonna go for sale in the local supermarket? It’s pathetic… Yeah, it might be a practice in some other cultures, but not here in the West, it seems waaaaay too uncommon. My family, personally, eats cow-tongues and chicken hearts, and some of my friends find that disgusting, and I just lough because I can see why, it’s not too common, etc. But it’s still animal parts, and not human placenta (body part in a way, almost like an organ).

Grrr @ some people Grrrrrrrrrrrrr