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I’d honestly NEVER thought of a relatively normal, sane, human mother doing such a thing. Animals might, but that is instinct and, well, they are animals after all, right? They eat their own dung, too, nothing surprises me about animal behavior.

That said, when someone posted that someone was thinking of eating afterbirth, my reaction was: EW! DISGUSTING!

People are so WEIRD! I can’t believe anyone could take offense to someone responding to “I’m going to eat my kid’s placenta” with the workds “EW” “YUCK” and “DISGUSTING”.

Don’t I know other cultures do it? Um, well, other cultures do a lot of things I find strange and/or revolting. I took a lot of human behavior and anthropology classes that included a variety of things (never came across placentophagy until now, though, necrophagy but not that…grizzly either way in my book). Over time, people have done a LOT of things. I personally don’t care if I’m offending a routine placenta-eater by saying “EW”…and I don’t think that is narrow minded…but I heard, loud and clear, that it IS narrow minded to say “no, I don’t eat human body parts”.

How scary, though?! To think there are people who really ARE offended that someone would think the practice is gross. It just sounds like a New Age/Hippy thing to me. Trying to be “more in touch with nature” and that sort of thing.

I’m fine with the natural world, I just don’t know if I would want to be that “cozy” with my “inner hamster” if you know what I mean.

Weird, just weird!! There were actually folks trading recipes!! On a major baby/pregnancy forum!

Sheez, I’ve got to get over this morning sickness so I can get back to my usual routine. This computer is becoming too much a part of my daily reading LOL. 😆