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I let my midwife’s back up doctor test me for my blood type and for my group beta strep, that’s it. I had no ultrasounds as new research shows they are harmful to a fetus. I had my baby at home with my midwife friend who I used to assist at births. She used a doppler to check for hearttones periodically throughout my labor. And nothing was done to my baby after his birth except his exam. I am not a crazy person either. On the contrary, I am a pre-med student. I went back to school to become a family doctor after assisting my midwife for a year. I simply did a lot of research before becoming pregnant on procedures and parenting and made well informed decisions for the well being of my child. Not only are those tests unnecessary they can be harmful and even cause miscarriage. Your baby was given to you and you obviously aren’t planning on discarding it if it isn’t perfect. Although, chances are it will be the lord and our bodies have a way of making them perfect.