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It seems like your husband believes that life occurs at birth, instead of at conception. Most people who are pro-abortion believe so – to them an unborn baby (fetus) it’s just a bunch of cells and is not a developing human being (who has a beating heart, can thuck its thumb, smile, yawn, etc), therefore abortion is not a problem.

I think that every child is a gift from God, and God doesn’t create anything ugly. Everything He creates is beautiful in its own unique way and we have to learn to appreciate it. As hard as it might be, a child with special needs (as severe as they may be) still has a soul, has feelings & emotions, needs a home, and needs someone to love them. Of course we might need outside assistance to help them grow in their own pace, but that doesn’t take away from their need for our love and to know they have a place in this world. They are human beings too!

I completely understand your need to skip the abnormality screening tests – I would also take on any child regardless of their disability. But I still wanted to know beforehand mainly so I can prepare emotionally for a child that might have special needs. And sometimes the nursery or clothing might need to be adjusted, etc as well, so at least I’d have a few months to prepare myself for this new baby that might need special or extra care from me.

I hope your husband changes his mind on this & learns to realize the beauty of each human being, after all none of us are perfect to begin with.