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Ooof! I’m just beginning the process of RCIA but I always felt that sex is about life. So, NFP is a natural fit for us, actually. My DH who is still floating in agnostic-land is actually on the same page on this as well (though this hasn’t ALWAYS been the case).

We just recently learned that we are expecting our 4th (our 3rd was still born and we have 2 living children). At the news we heard “Oh, you’re doing that again? I thought you were done.” and “Did you plan for this?” and “How do you feel about it?” and “Are you getting your tubes tide/a vasectomy after this?” etc. etc.

So, Catholic or not, our society is DEFINITELY not child-friendly. A first child is acceptable, a second one pushing the envelope a little, but third, forth and beyond is just too much for the average American to wrap their brain around. 🙄 I don’t understand it.

As a matter of fact, during my pregnancy with my SECOND child at the ripe “old” age of 22, my MIL was giving me sterilization pamphlets!!!!!!!

AND YET, when women in the extended family, etc., have In-Vitro and end up having 3 kids at ONCE with complications and at an advanced maternal age everyone says “oh, what a blessing!” “how wonderful!” “they deserve it!”

Now, I’m not going to say they “don’t deserve it” but…I’m just wondering why IVF makes them so special and “God” blessed…and those of us that actively try to have/want to have more than one child at the more fertile time of our life….we’re somehow contributing to overpopulation? Irresponsible?

I just DO NOT understand it. Catholic or not, I just don’t think our society likes people procreating so much as they like them fornicating. 🙁