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Don’t worry about the signing or the potty training. It all comes together eventually. For me, I started my eldest out “early” with the potty training but he still ended up finished at 2.5 years, with my youngest, I waited until a little after he was 2 years and he still ended up finishing up with potty training at 2.5 years. I’ve heard boys tend to take a little longer from a physiological standpoint–girls really do mature faster in a lot of ways! We don’t have many “wee” accidents around here but my eldest has trouble with cyclic vomiting syndrome, so sometimes he tosses his cookies in his sleep w/o waking from time to time. We have a waterproof pad on the bed, but, WOW, that is one UNpleasant mess to clean up in the early hours of the morning. He can’t help it, though, I should know, I suffered from the same thing until I was a preteen. Looks like he’s on the same track as the rest of the family for cvs and migraines. The weird things we inherit, I swear! I scares us, though, because we fear he’ll choke. I usually hear him gurgling and get there in time to lift him up at least so it won’t aspirate into his lungs , but, I still worry.

Anyhow, I think exposure is the main thing and working with them every moment you can. Any “face time”, cuddle time or play time is a learning experience for little ones. Reading from early on is a good thing, too. I can’t remember when it was, exactly, that my kids liked them but as I recall, black and white board books with sharp contrast pictures REALLY got their attention. I think it was in the 6-12 month range? Nice, soft ,squishy fabric books have been popular around here, too. My youngest still falls asleep with his on occasion. 😀