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Just another 2 cents. Have you tried Baby Sign Language? We used sign language with our second (I didn’t know anything about it until then 😳 ). It was so much fun! I started him when he was about 6 months or so and around 8-10 months he was signing with us (particularly MORE, DRINK and CANDY lol…the baby gym–used to take him to a parent-tot time class while eldest was in reg. gymnastics– lady got him hooked on putting more and candy together!! She was so fun!).

I know a couple of people who used it with their children because speech therapists recommended it, as well. Although, my son was never in need of that, we did it anyway. It was just a fun new way to communicate.

It isn’t wrong to expose young children to varied learning experiences, though! You’re on the right track!! Keep up the good work!

Editing this to add: We “home school” but never had a truly “official” start. As parents teaching our children about the world around them is just part of the job. We help them learn to use a spoon, learn to walk, play games, to me, reading, writing and mathematics aren’t too far removed from the other “basics” we, mothers, teach every day. Children learn as we communicate with them, read to them, play with them, etc. Of course, we adopt a more “formal” approach as the child matures, but, the fact that we are “teaching” never really changes.