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Hi and welcome to the group and the Catholic Church!

How old are your kids?

My kids have their own. They are just the cheap plastic kiddie ones for now as they are quite young (ages 5, 3, and 1). They will each get a “real” rosary for their first Communion.

We sometimes all say the rosary together, but not everyday. My oldest is expected (and able) to kneel for the entire rosary and follow along on the beads, but does not yet say the prayers. My middle boy can kneel for about half, but cannot follow accurately on the beads or say the prayers, and then he leaves. Baby will play with his rosary for about five minutes and then he’s gone. All of this is okay with me. Based on my oldest boy’s current abilities, I expect that he will be able to recite the prayers with me by the time he makes his first Communion. This is my goal for each one and for now I am gradually working my way up to this.

There are kids books and coloring books available at religious goods stores about the rosary. I plan to get each boy a coloring book. I also teach my boys a kids catechism program which has a lesson on the rosary (it’s the Image of God program by Ignatius Press if you’re interested. It has programs from preschool through I think grade 9). EWTN also has a rosary for kids program that I was thinking of checking out, to see if it will make the rosary a little more interesting for them.

I hope this helps,