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Hi Tina, and welcome to a great site. (It is great, and I wish I could get here more than about once a week)
I have a fairly different situation than you but it does relate. Our family has belonged to an ecumenical Christian group, as well as being active parishoners, for a very long time now. In the ecumenical group we have all agreed to stress the things we have in common and to avoid hurting each other over our differences. Not that we hide our beliefs, just that we only explain and try never to press in an argumentative, I-have -to- be -right way. Our focus is to live as a witness to the unity Jesus wanted for all his followers, to show in a little way that we can stand, pray and share with one another. Our problem is that over time it is hard to maintain our ecumenical-ness, partly because so many non-Catholic Churches don’t have our understanding of the broadness of Christ’s love and salvation. That is, they either teach or imply that only THEY are right. We have ,perhaps, 10% protestant families from at least 5-8 churches but they find it very hard to talk up the use of ecumenism to their fellow church members. I find the situation somewhat sad.
But you mentioned studying your faith more and I would like to add a suggestion. Borrow a copy of the Documents of Vatican Two and read the document on Ecumenism with other Christians. Especially with the perspective that this teaching is precious, and not everybody has come to see it this way. It will strengthen your faith and understanding. I think it will help you to do what Jesus is asking of your life- the selfless, loving responce, over and over, until you are fully what we all aim to be: the humble loving imatation and extension of Jesus for others.