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Ya know, my husband had a nice moment with his Baptist Unit Chaplain (he is Army). The Chaplain happens to be Baptist, and as they were talking, my husband related the experience I had with the Baptists. The Chaplain was very gracious listening to it all, and very kindly and gently responded to my husband. He let my husband know that there are many sub-sects of Baptists, and only the real hardcore, Fundamentalist, Bible-beating Baptists would ever teach some ridiculous things about the RCC. He explained that there are other sub-sects of the Baptist church that are normal, down-to-earth people who do not teach some things, nor do they lump the RCC with the Mormon church.

Okay, so maybe this is God’s way of helping me in this – this makes me feel so much better and reminds me to stop doing the very thing I look down upon – judging others!

Just had to share!