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Hi Tina!


I have posted on this topic in the past here – same problem with my convert-Baptist uncle (previously Anglican protestant) and his wife and children. Ugh. It’s not pretty. And they are soooooo nasty about RCC.

I’ve tried ignoring them, but get very riled up by their comments. Have tried refuting but they tend to tune out or change the subject if I can actually refute some of the quotes they hurl at me – just a huge exercise in aggravation really. We now live across the country from them, but my uncle is coming to visit us when in town for a Baptist conference in early November. AAAUUUUGGGHHH. But I find that he’s (a) better when not on their home turf but guests in our house and (b) when his wife isn’t around.

I really benefited from reading Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberley Hahn. Want to send my dear uncle a copy of it but haven’t worked up the nerve!! Also Karl Keating’s book – title is something like The Attack on the Church of Rome by “Bible” Christians. Very thorough and goes through everything about our faith – and refutes much that Baptists are taught about us.

There’s a famous quote by an American priest – baby brain at the moment and I can’t remember his name – sigh – something like people hate what they mistakenly believe to be true about the Roman Catholic Church.

Look forward to chatting more in future!