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Thanks for your sweet and thoughtful response! I did find it pretty ironic that other denoms consider the first Christian church to be non-Christian. They began quoting Bible passages to me, which I could refute with other passages, along with telling them how we should rejoice in the similarities we share, that we believe Christ to be our Savior…it is too easy to tear people apart by bringing out their differences, and indeed, that is not the Christian way, to judge and hate.

I just feel the need now to have dialogue with friends who are Baptist to let them know that I am more than happy to answer any questions they may have of my faith, and that if their pastor/preacher gives any information about the RCC, please automatically come to me so that I may explain the truth of my church.

Ugh. I need to just pray about it and then accept the fact that there will always be people with hatred and judgment in their hearts, huh?

Thanks again for your reply – have a great night!