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Hi Nan!

Thanks for replying! I see too that there seem to be a lot of lurkers, which is fine. Somedays I do that as well! 🙂

Congratulations on your first grandchild will be one year old this week! I’m sure that must be exciting for you!

How wonderful that you got to go to a womens conference! Sounds like it was beneficial! 😀 It’s always great to get a spiritual boost!

Hopefully your health is good since you mentioned that you had to have some tests! Praying that all is well with you!

You mentioned that you home schooled for 20+ years miss the academics. That is great! I homeschooled as well for about 5 years but it just seemed to be too much for me. I have to help the kids often with their homework! Sometimes it seems crazy how they push them so much. They are learning things at about 3 years above what they used to teach. 🙄 I don’t know but I am glad that I am out of school. The kids seems to be doing fairly well on the whole but it is so much different from when I was in school!

I know how you feel about wondering what the kids are going to do with their lives etc… The 2 oldest of mine are in college and the next on in line is a Senior. I don’t think the Senior has a clue about what he wants to do. I pray all the time for them all to do God’s will!

I know that time flies so fast and soon they will be all gone all too soon! I am trying to enjoy the time with them. I take turns usually taking one or two of the kids shopping with me and we go out to eat. It’s a good time for them to share what’s going on with me! 🙂

It really amazes me how much my kids talk to me! Even the older kids tell me more than I want to hear sometimes! 8) I didn’t talk to my mom like they talk to me until I got older. Anyhow, I hope they always feel like they can talk to me!

Thanks again for posting!

God bless!

Lisa 🙂