I swear we must have the same family some days! :lol:

We went through this, too. Mostly, it was criticism that we hardly ever hired babysitters to go out, and we take the kids with us most places (especially vacation.)

When our oldest DD was under two, she was deathly afraid of the swings on the playground. A family member saw this and commented that I really need to get her to the playgound for playgroups more so she won’t be afraid of the swings. SORRY….but she was almost four before she learned to enjoy them. You can’t force a child to experience things before they’re ready. Makes them neurotic, IMHO!

We’ve never done organized activities before the children were at least four (with exception of DD #3 who started dance at three and a half after BEGGING for dance lessons.). Some kids are ready earlier, but ours never seemed to be.

BTW…read an article in the newspaper about the new American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that children be allowed to have unscheduled, unchoreographed play activity for the majority of their day. I’ll try to find the article and post it here. seems related to your question.