Thanks for all the replies.

I guess the time-outs worked because he is now 12 months and stopped the hitting thing before he turned 11 months.
Now, he is getting into more things, but he KNOWS what I am talking about when I say NO. He is very smart. I am very consistent and I still give him the time-outs and they work.

I also bought a play pen, it’s so nice, looks like a “cage”…but I’m from Europe, and we grew up in those, and I’m not psychologically damaged =) It’s probably 5×5 ft. square and has wooden bars, like a crib, so he can walk around the sides of it and when I need a 5 min. breather, I can set him in there while he plays and I regain my sanity.

It’s not that bad though, we do okay.

My husband and I are now doing some Catholic Bible studies together, one about marriage, one geared towards fathers about raising children, one geared towards mothers about raising children, so that is nice. He picked out these books and the next one I want to read after these is the Ray Guarendi one on Discipline.

I think I’m doing okay on discipline though, consistency is the key.
He’s only 1 though…so I’ll update you when he’s 3! =)