Reading Amby’s post about how her cabinets are set up reminded me of something that made me laugh!
:lol: We have the “cabinet of supervised play!” :lol:

DH even has a funny little song about what’s in it…..”games with small pieces….paints and clay…..glitter and glue…in the cabinet of supervised play!!” :lol: Cracks me up to think of DH singing it in an off-key funny voice! Yeah…sometimes you just have to move the stuff out of reach. Can’t be helped.

When we are having a “stern talking-to” with a youngster, we also make sure to get down and eye-to-eye with them. Eye contact is everything. With our older kids, just a warning look for improper bahaviour will work in public. I agree about facial expression being very important, as well.

Good luck! :D