As was suggested in another thread.. Dr Ray’s book gives suggestions.
As does the Popcaks book. Parenting with Grace.

Say no and Change the look on your face, use facial expressions with him.
At his age (just noticed the thread title..10 months) you need to tell him no and move him into a “safer” area. But your plants higher, if possible.

there are some things I don’t mind my little ones getting into. I have a specific cabinet with plastic tubberware and metal pans / bowls. They are free to play with those. I don’t mind. My glass cookware is put up high where they can’t reach. As are the knives.
My movie cabinet has a hair tie (or a lock) around the knobs and they couldn’t get into it (they figured it out, but they are much bigger now)
Anything that I don’t want them to get into (like under the kitchen sink where I keep the cleaning material) is locked with a baby lock.

I didn’t “babyproof” my entire home. Because they will eventually learn not to get into it. But some of the things I did.