Well, I definitely try to be consistent. Although…today I moved the plants outside (if they do well outside, I will leave them, if not, I will move them back in)…but I got so fed up, he kept going over to them, and eating the soil and I gave him soo many time outs today…finally, I moved the plants.

Another thing I have noticed is that I raise my voice considerably when I tell him NO or I speak his name trying to get his attention.

I do not want to become a yelling mother. I think both my parets raised their voices a lot at us kids.

Is there another way, (other than raising the tone of my voice to say my child’s name or say NO or whatever) to make known to my child that I am very serious?

I’m sure there has to be, but I just am not used to this calmer way of parenting, since I didn’t grow up with it, but I would really like to chance that with my own children.