I have 2 chidren. Age 2 and 3 1/2. We have always used timeouts. Once they are able to understand NO, then you need to mean NO. Don’t say no and give in anyway. My daughter bit my son the other day, even though he provoked it (he’s the older) they both sat down.

I consistently…as much as I can with working 40 hours, discipline my children. I have swatted the eldests bottom. But I try very hard not too. I really don’t think it’s what works for us. So we use timeouts. I take toys away. I don’t let them have dessert if they don’t finish/or at least eat some (pending on what it is) of their dinner.

My mother thinks I’m strict. She hasn’t said that. But I have on several occasions said “this is my child and he isn’t going to behave that way”. Even at a huge family gathering. She just looked at me.