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Hi Elisa!

We’re going through the beginnings of the “time out” age, also! 😕

Our daughter is a little bit older (17 months), so she understands a little bit more.

We have been using a separate area…on the floor of the living room….where she has to sit for a time out.

We have had some hitting and biting of siblings, and THAT gets a time out. Also, flip-out type tantrums will get a time out.

We don’t make her sit there for more than a quick minute (she’s too young for that), but she gets the idea that the behaviour was not acceptable, and that’s the goal.

We haven’t had any biting in about a week and a half now, but we’ve still had some tantrums. (Pretty normal, I think.) DD is the second youngest we’ve ever had to give time outs to (DS was the youngest at about 11 months.) BTW….all the kids (oldest seven now) have turned out just fine and are in NO WAY discipline problems. Teachers and strangers always comment on how well behaved they are. We think it’s because we nipped bad behaviour in the bud when they were very young.

OH…BTW be prepared for criticism from in-laws and friends who DON’T agree with your methods (we did!) My in-laws were always nagging us about being too strict with our kids when they were too young. Now that a few of them are grown (and NOT bratty like many of their older cousins)….people are seeing that we did things the right way! (We have never spanked, BTW, just done time outs, taking away privileges, etc.)

Good luck! PM me and let me know how it goes!