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Hold on a second…I never said anything about being weak, or serving blindly, or anything of the sort. When there is a decision to be made, I always make my opinion known. I do not just sit back and do whatever he tells me. We do discuss everything.

But….after I have shared my thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. the fact remains that he is the head of our household and the final decision is his. Most of the time we are in agreement anyway, but when we aren’t, I have to accept…he might agree to do things my way, or he might not. This is the way God designed families. I don’t have to like it, but I do have to accept it. I can always offer it up and shorten my time in purgatory. And usually, in the end, I realize that it was for the best anyway. God is happy to bless us in ways we can’t even imagine – if we let him. I would have missed out on a lot of his blessings if I had insisted on having my way.

Incidently, in his homily on Sunday, our priest discussed this Gospel reading too. He emphasized that there was responsibilities for both husband and wife, and sacrifice for each as well. It is a sacrifice for the wife to serve her husband and family, and it is a sacrifice for the husband to love his family so completely that their welfare is always his primary concern, even to the point of laying down his life for his family. He said that if more people were willing to sacrifice and serve in marriage the way the Gospel states, that we wouldn’t have a 50% divorce rate in North America. We have to think about it….do we want to have it “our way”, or do we want to be happy and stay married?