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Hmm…my take on this is just a little different. This reading was done in Mass on Sunday, and Father spoke about it in his homily, so it has also been on my mind.

Our priest explained it this way…it doesn’t mean that the husband is always right…it doesn’t mean that the wife is an indentured servant to the husband. Part of the key is in the second part where the husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church. The husband is given a definite “job” as well. A husband who does not honor his wife, does not follow the teachings of the Church, cannot expect the blind return respect of his wife.

Our priest said that our marriages need to be 50-50. I also think we need to realize that sometimes things are NOT 50-50. Being able to compromise with 80-20 or even 90-10 sometimes is necessary. It is part of having a healthy marriage.

Give and take in making family decisions is healthy for the marriage and for the children. Our children see us discussing family issues and TOGETHER coming up with a solution. We are a united front. God has joined us together as one! 😀

DH will be the first to tell you that he refuses to raise a daughter who simply does as told without question. We WANT her to question things. DH says he has never had patience for what he calls “weak” women. We want a daughter strong in her Catholic faith, who is willing to stand up for it. We don’t want her to be a follower, but a leader….confident in what she knows and ready to share it with others.

(I have a SIL who is a missionary for a Catholic organization….we’re hoping DD grows up to be a strong, independent, faith-filled woman like her! She travels around the world performing good deeds and spreading the love of Christ!)

HOWEVER….do I personally believe that my husband is the head of our household? Absolutely. But this is partly because DH and I are sort of old fashioned.
(MIL said when we got married that she saw me as a 50’s housewife type with the mind of a 90’s woman! 😕 ) I felt this was a great compliment.

Actually, I am a BIG fan of Proverbs 31. Read it if you get a chance. It describes a woman who cares for her household….but is not merely a meek, follow along sort of person. She invests her money wisely to benefit her family….she works with her two hands to help the family…she manages servants…she respects and cares for her husband.
Because of the way she is….her husband is well respected and happy as well. He sits among the community leaders and they look up to him.
THIS is the woman I strive to be.

Just my take on things, as I’ve been thinking about this since Sunday! 😀