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Welcome as well!!! :) I heard this beautiful analygy from the bible about Confession. There’s a story in the bible that talks of a man who came to Jesus to be healed and Jesus said, “Your sins are forgiven, now go show yourself to the priest so that he can suscribe the proper atonement.” I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the exact verse. The point was made is that even though Jesus completely forgave this man, he still asked him to the priest. While (obviously) mortal has to be forgiven through Confession before one receives the Eucharist, Jesus NEVER stops listening. Confession helps us hear Jesus better, live better, love better and be at peace. Confession doesn’t help Jesus (in His perfection) hear us better – he already has good ears!!! :)

God bless you on your journey. Don’t let anything/any temptation get in the way! We’re all praying for you and feel free to ask any questions!

In Him who loves us,