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Dear Nancy,
I feel so bad for you. I highly recoomend reading “Fertility Cycles and Nutrition” by Marilyn M. Shannon. It is published by the Couple to Couple League, a Catholic organization that promotes and teaching NFP. The book is only 204 pages and very readable. The ISBN is 0-926412-09-4. I’m sure you could get it from Amazon, but check your local libaray too. You never know. I agree with everyone else that you should think about finding a new doctor. You might even try finding a nurse midwife. I think they would probably be able to recommend doctors whose first inclination is NOT to operate.
Good luck and many, many prayers,


Oh, I didn’t really explain what the book is about. It discusses, in detail, how your diet affects your cycles and fertility and provides diet strategies for: PMS, infertility, painful periods, premenopause, miscarriages, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, pregnancy, and male infertility, amoung others.