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How close are you to Nebraska? The NAtional Center for Women’s Health at the Pope Paul VI Institute can help you. At the very least, give them a call.

Evaluation and Treatment Programs
In addition to providing general obstetrics and gynecology and gynecologic surgery, the expertise of the National Center for Women’s Health specializes in the provision of care for patients with the following conditions:

* Infertility evaluation and treatment
* Repeated miscarriages
* Surgical treatment of endometriosis
* Prematurity Prevention Program
* Premenstrual syndrome
* Abnormal uterine bleeding
* Recurrent ovarian cysts
* Dysmenorrhea
* Postpartum depression
* Perimenopausal/menopausal care
* Polycystic ovarian disease
* Reversal of tubal ligation

Telephone Consultation Appointments
The registered nurses provide a service for people who have questions that they would like to ask Dr. Hilgers and his staff. You may schedule a 15-minute consultation appointment with a nurse (at no cost to you other than the phone call). If the nurse is unable to answer your question, she will consult with the physician and will then provide you with the answers.

My prayers are with you…