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Don’t be depressed! You’ll find the answers!

Birth control pills are known to cause heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, vascular problems, liver problems, cerebral hemorrhage and numerous other less serious yet debilitating side effects like migranes, weight gain, edema, nervousness, and depression. I could go on and on. It is an extreme risk to take these pills and no doctor will tell you this. Read the insert of any one of these packages of pills and it’s like reading a small dictionary. Taking these pills ARE taking a gamble with your health. Although I don’t know that much about Lupron at all, it sounds as if it is comparably less dangerous. You have a great task ahead of you in researching the alternatives to birth control pills and hysterectomy, but just think of it as a detective case you are trying to solve!

Make sure to look at your diet first and foremost. Are you eating a lot of processed foods with dyes and sugar? Are you eating a variety of fruits and vegetables? Do you take time for exercise like walking or running and time for relaxation like a hot bath or prayer? Attending to these things first has been shown to significatly decrease women’t discomfort and in many cases send it into remission.

I know this must be so stressful for you, but just know you have numerous other options than what a doctor tells you. They are trained from one perspective only and that is to treat an illness in a way that suits most people. And you are not most people, you are you – and your church rightly advises against a pill that harms women and aborts babies. I know you can find an alternative to THAT! Please don’t be down. Take it to our Lord in prayer. He is our physician and our healer. Lean on Him now more than ever and ask Him to show you the right path. Study what His church teaches through His Holy Spirit and know that Jesus guides His bride the church.