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We’ve never had sleep issues with our kids (we’ve been very blessed!)

From the very beginning, we lay them in the crib, give kisses, say night night and turn out the light. We do it the SAME EXACT WAY every night. They come to associate that pattern with time to go to sleep.

Of course, there may be some rough patches at the beginning, but we are among the parents who tend to (***GASP***) allow them to cry for a little bit and learn to comfort themselves.

I don’t mean to say that we IGNORE them if they’re absolutely hysterical and at the verge of a complete breakdown….it’s harder to get them to settle down if they get that wound up. We will go back in, pick them up, and repeat the pattern of kisses, night night, light off. They get the idea very quickly. May not work for some….but it has worked for us with four children thus far. Each time I have to do this, I always check to make sure nothing ELSE is wrong, too (diaper dry? Hungry? No fever or perceivable illness?)

I want to add that the children are usually in the room with us right next to the bed during the “frequent nursing months.” (Until 6 months or so?)
After that, we transfer them to their big crib in their own room.

Like I said, our method is not for everyone….probably not suited to really strong AP proponents…..but it DOES work for us.

I guess it’s sort of a loose, modified Ferber method? 😆