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I will also pray for you…having been partially raised as an Italian-Irish Yankee Catholic, then moving to the Bible Belt in grade school, my family endured much ridicule and prejudice (my Dad could not even get teaching jobs – the districts would find out he was Catholic, and before this, he was a nationally-ranked high school football coach and award-winning teacher)!.

My dear friend and my sister-in-law both have recently joined the Baptist church, so in an effort to learn about the church, its conception, etc., I attempted some dialogue online with Baptists. I was treated warmly by a couple, though the other dozen or so treated me not-so-nicely. Evidently, I am NOT a Christian since I am Catholic, I worship Mary and idols, I will never be saved, and my church never reads the Bible (hello, we read the Bible every 3 years!), etc.

From this very negative experience (which left me sleepless for many nights), I am finding it difficult to even try to talk with my dear friend, my oldest friend in life. I have noticed changes in her in the past few years since her joining the Baptist church, and now I wonder if she also judges me and has been given false information about my faith.

Ugh! I will say that throughout the experience speaking with the Baptists, I tried to conduct myself in a Christian way, with love and charity, so that if nothing else, I could leave them with a positive experience with a Catholic, heathen that I am, lol!

I pray for your situation and hope that you are able to find peace, that we all may find it!