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I just have to add a little from my experience. I’ve found former Catholics saying some awful things but I’ve never (well except for one) found them to be conscienciously(spelling!) stating lies. They were told error or they mis-understood what was being taught. They had minimal instruction, only early grade school or less (or an ignorant parent or grandparent!) and they completely missed the truth, or they as very young children were made to participate in devotions (for example Marian processions) with no understanding that we aren’t WORSHIPING her, that we honor Mary because she most perfectly points to her Son, that it’s even scriptural (“all nations will call me blessed”) I have found them VERY unwilling to hear that they are wrong, but so am I, frequently. If they don’t want to hear your side- it’s a free country for them too. I just leave the topic alone and pray for them. If they are in a relationship with Jesus, He can get to them, and anyway He loves them and died for them too.