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I just saw it. I didn’t really see anything that bad.

Spoiler warning: Lois Lane has a child out of wedlock, but, it turns out to be Superman’s child. Meanwhile there is a fiance that she hasn’t married that the kid calls “Dad” whereas Superman is just some likeable flying guy. I felt sorry for the fiance character because he seemed oblivious but well-meaning. Um, I wouldn’t say it was so much lacking in “values” per se–other than Lois being pretty dishonest about the paternity of her kid. Then again, Superman was supposed to have disappeared for five years after knocking her up?

Superman was still flying around saving everyone and the bad guys got their comeuppance…and of course Superman disliking Lois’ smoking habit.

It didn’t bother me that much. It made for an interesting plot line. I mean, I think it was quite clear how all the characters were suffering in some form because of a dishonest situation. Kind of an interesting fioble for Superman…I’d like to see how it is resolved in a sequel. A bit soap-opera-ish but not bad.