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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I give you SO much credit for your sacrifices in homeschooling!

My personality is such that I am just TOO disorganized to handle homeschooling (we are going on child #5 plus I work at home for DH…it’s really all I can handle in my usually chaotic state!) I always felt that my children would suffer if I homeschooled them because of my inability to handle it! It’s something I would have LOVED to do, though. Seems wonderful!

Anyways, you sound like a very organized, “together” kind of person. Have you considered getting a sitter so you CAN enroll in the evening classes? OR…it actually sounds like you need some grownup interaction (other than people on the “Mommy trail” 😀 )

Does working interest you still? It IS possible to find work at home type jobs that allow lots of adult interaction, still. A friend of mine who is also a mom does bookkeeping/accounting type things for a dentist. She is on the phone with insurance companies, etc. a lot, but still is around the kids. She makes her own schedule. Another friend does medical transcription. I do bookkeeping/accounts for DH.

If working doesn’t interest you, I have other friends who have formed book clubs, gourmet cooking clubs, crafting clubs, etc. You know, things to keep your mind active.

I don’t think what you’re feeling is all that uncommon. I’ve heard a lot of people say it…and I think everyone probably feels it from time to time.

I wish you blessings!