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I can’t exactly relate, but your message made me want to give you a hug and some encouragement while you wait for someone with more expertise to respond. I have a 21 mo-old DD. She came to work with me every day until last week. I have cut my hours back and so she is in daycare on Tues and Thurs for 7 hrs each day while I work. (We are in two separate buildings on the same campus.) I thought it would be an easy transition for me, but it has actually been pretty hard for me. She seems to really like it. I do think it is the best thing for us for now… but like you I find that the enthusiasm I had for the idea before it was implemented doesn’t quite match my enthusiasm now that I’m in the situation.

Homeschooling is a great challenge! My sister homeschools her seven year-old too. She has managed to continue her own schooling to be a nurse in the evenings. I really encourage you to enroll yourself in school again.

Also, does your neighborhood or local school system have regular meetings for homeschoolers set up? We are lucky to have a children’s book store in my neighborhood. The owners are totally committed to the community and offer free meeting space for homeschooling families throughout the year. It is a great place for moms to re-energize.

Well, I’ve probably gone on long enough here. Hang in there! Maybe starting each day with a rosary will help give you strength.