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Yikes! I am sooooo sorry! It must be really frustrating for you! I’d like to encourage you to go ahead and look into an annulment for your sake and your children’s. While it’s easy to say, I promise you, your good example as a Catholic will not go unnoticed by your husband. I was raised in a very Catholic home yet my husband was raised in a “culturally” Catholic home and while his parents go to mass sometimes, it is not every Sunday and Confession… well, a whole other issue with them. Long and short of it, my husband learned more about the faith through the Catholic university we attended (where we met) and he is slowly learning more and more. I have seen my husband come around on some things after I was consistent in doing them myself. While there are times he thinks I’m an eccentric about the faith, when I do actual put my foot down, he usually comes around… My only other recommendation besides looking into the annulment, is that if you can get to Eucharistic Adoration – even if it’s just 5 minutes, simply go and beg Our Lord while you’re there to hear what is in your heart about your husband. After all, there’s nothing like addressing your worries and placing them right in fron of Him! Both of these are opportunities to give you the grace you need.

Just know, God wants the same thing as you do for your husband and you, to be in union with the One True Church. I’ll remember you in my prayers as I am guessing this must be pretty distressing. I know there are tthings that I really wish my husband had the same zeal for when it comes to the faith.

God bless,

p.s. leave an easy to read book lying around in the bathroom that has something to do with the faith – not a huge novel but something simple or even a Catholic newspaper. When he’s in there w/the door closed, I bet he might take a peek at it!