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All Catholic Churches HAVE to allow for one Catholic Godparent, it is in the Catechism. If not they are in direct conflict with the Church, her teachings and her Magesterium. There is no make up the rules as you go along and how they suit you and your sensiblities. Sorry it is what is it is. . . . the rallying cry of Protestants, for the most part.

Now, if you have two Godparents they can be only one of each sex-no two women, no two men. A balance. You have to have one Catholic Godparent, and when a protestant is chosen, the protestant can ONLY be a witness to the Baptism, not a Godparent. If you use a proxy for your Godparent they must be just as qualified sacramentally as the Godparent.

Being Catholic means being obedient and that is NOT a bad thing to be, afterall our Savior was obedient unto death and no servant is greater than their master. +JMJ+, Tana