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Hi Heather,
We homeschooled our oldest when I left teaching (when we were blessed with our 4th and our 5th. I went back to teaching at our Catholic school when our 5th was old enough for the school’s daycare. She was 2 1/2 yrs. Well, I took another leave now because our 6th one was born on Christmas day, 2005.
We are in the same position- without me teaching at the school, our tuition is over $14.000 for the kids. I received a 50% discount while teaching and they were able to take it out of my paychecks.
We are waiting to hear from tuition assistance, but I am fully prepared to homeschool all of them with the exception of our oldest. She will be a senior next year and we will find some way to pay her tuition.
I was picky about our curriculum that I used. I didn’t buy just one curriculum. I pieced mine together. My daughter also took Church History and Ancient History over the internet.
Just keep searching for information. Ask to see catalogs and sample scope and sequence charts from publishers.
I miss having my children home. God bless you in your adventures!